yorpub logoEstablished in 2017, YorPub started as a weekend business that expanded into new areas of the country with like-minded owners. In 2018 we expanded to the Philadelphia market with an independent owner, proving the model as something that would work in areas outside of our home market in Albany, NY.

As our founder Kevin looked back on his career, building and then having the fortunate opportunity to sell businesses, he started to discuss the next steps for YorPub with his advisors, Larry and Joe. They decided to work together to turn the brand into a franchise; helping independent owners launch and grow in their own communities with the knowledge base and experience Kevin and the leadership team could lend. It is their hope to be able to mentor franchisees, sharing important lessons learned in their prior businesses and in the process of starting up YorPub to grow bigger, faster.

Becoming a franchise brand in 2021 was a win-win looking back, as the brand not only survived 2020 but thrived during the uncertain times that came with COVID-19. Throughout that year, our owners were able to continue to serve clients, helping people celebrate life’s events on their own terms. Safety was always core to YorPub and its day-to-day practices, so being able to bring a safe, personal bar experience to their venue of choice – whether at home or on commercial properties – was just part of our business model. This is how we always worked and how we helped people celebrate.

The brand continued to grow and new P.U.B. units were literally popping up across the country at client events – making people smile, sharing happiness, and a one-of-a-kind toast every time we showed up.

Currently, we serve clients in three states: New York, Pennsylvania, and Florida…and we are looking to continue to grow where you are!

Always dream of owning a bar? Now you can, without the high costs and liability!